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Planning the Pattern

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Silver Grey granite setts laid against Tombermore Fusion Concrete setts to form a Trefoil at St Matthias Church, Torquey. October 2019.. Continue Reading >

The layout of space

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Once the fundamentals of the design of the site are established, the choreography of everyday life is the next thing to consider... Continue Reading >

The fundamentals of design

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The most successful changes to your space take into account the things you cannot change. There are only a few things that.. Continue Reading >

Is it worth extending my home?

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Many of our home extension clients ask the same question: Does a home extension make financial sense? It’s a good question.. Continue Reading >

A Handsome Georgian Residence in Herefordshire Reconfigured to Transform Family Life

Building relationships

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Communion’s mission statement is “Working closely with people to deliver exceptional projects that transform spaces and change lives.” Each of our architects draws on.. Continue Reading >