How needs and desires shape every piece of architecture

by 10th Jan, 2024

Every building project, no matter how large or small, starts with a need.

Sometimes the need is driven by practicality – fixing a leaky kitchen roof once and for all or adding a downstairs lavatory to future-proof a home.

Sometimes, it’s a simple need for more space – a new principal bedroom and en suite bathroom or somewhere to host large family occasions.

At other times, the need might be to make a space work better – to create a more coherent flow or make a bigger kitchen more suitable for modern life.

Often, but not always, the need could be simply solved. A skilled roofer can fix a leaky kitchen roof. A talented builder can build extra an extension to house a downstairs lavatory or a larger kitchen.

The reason our clients don’t choose the simple route is because their need goes hand in hand with a desire. In each of these cases, our clients wanted to seize the opportunity to do something uniquely personal and special – and invited us to help them achieve it.

For our clients with the leaky kitchen roof, the leak was the catalyst to reimagine the entire space so they could fulfil their desire of making a lasting contribution to the heritage of their historic farmhouse.

The clients who needed a downstairs lavatory desired it to be incorporated without spoiling the elegant proportions or flow of their landmark Georgian home.

The clients who needed a new principal bedroom and en suite bathroom enlisted our help because their desire was for a bright, light, modern home where they could enjoy the next chapter of their lives.

By creating a space that’s large enough to host family gatherings, our clients don’t need to move and can stay in their much-loved family home for longer.

For the clients who needed a home with a more coherent flow, there was a desire to create a light airy space with a better relationship between the inside and outside.

For the clients who needed a bigger kitchen there was a desire to make the most of their views of the Malvern Hills and create their forever home.

Architecture’s ability to solve needs and fulfil desires is just one of the things that makes our role so rewarding. It’s encapsulated in our mission statement:

‘working closely with people to deliver exceptional projects that transform spaces and change lives’

Each and every element of this statement is powerful for us at Communion, as it is for those we work with. When we keep the words at the heart of our work, the projects we deliver are founded on need, charged with desire – and bring delight.