Esme Coppock

Esme Coppock

Esme is our Communications Lead and is responsible for expanding online interaction, directing online conversations and project narratives. She is also a student at the University of Edinburgh, studying for an MA in Architectural History and Heritage. Her love of architecture and the transformative power of design are reflected in her work.

Articles by Esme Coppock

Standing inside some deep foundations looking up to the clear blue sky. The soil is a beautiful dark red reflecting the Herefordshire location, above it rises the existing house with the sky above.

View from the Trenches

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Excavating in order to create foundations for an extension to an orangery in Worcestershire. September 2020.. Continue Reading >

Victorian Mosaic tile floor in a church, three new tiles sit on top of the original tiled floor, all the tiles are varying ceramic shades. The new tiles will fill the gaps in the mosaic elsewhere in the church. The colours have been carefully matched to reflect the varying tones

Replacement Mosaics

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A simple and important repair for St Matthias. Over time some of the Victorian tiles have become lost. Solus tiles have been able to.. Continue Reading >

Looking across out over green field, evergreens and a cloudy blue sky from the roof of a fire damaged cottage, the view is interrupted in the foreground by the scaffolding and chimney breast being repaired. Communion Architects, Herefordshire

Green and Pleasant Land

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Appreciating the beautiful Worcestershire countryside from the roof of this cottage on site this afternoon. September 2020.. Continue Reading >

Standing on some access scaffolding looking across at a chimney being constructed at the far end of a cottage, it's covered in scaffolding and the thatch which should cover the roof has not yet been relaid since the fire. Re-building a fire damaged cottage in Worcestershire. communion architects Hereford.

A New Flue

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Standing on access scaffolding to view the new chimney being built, part of some extension re-construction works to rebuild this fire damaged cottage... Continue Reading >

Looking down into a room on a construction site from the roof of a fire damaged cottage. Bird eye view plans in real life. Communion Architects Hereford

Bird’s Eye View

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Views from the access scaffolding looking down on this site, into a fire damaged cottage in Worcestershire. September 2020.. Continue Reading >

Looking over a roof of a fire damaged thatch cottage, currently being supported by lots of scaffolding, a new oak support has been installed along one side of the roof, this will support the new thatch coming soon. Communion Architects, Herefordshire, Worcestershire

Oak Thatch Supports

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New oak framing to support a thatched roof to our phoenix project in Worcester. Each of the oak posts have been tenoned into.. Continue Reading >

Two slender, angled tiles next to rendered bathroom plans on a workbench, planning out bathroom and tile design on site, communion architects Hereford

Tile Selection

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Final tile selection for new bathroom, part of an extension to a 1970s house. Working with Solus Tiles to deliver a herringbone floor made from.. Continue Reading >

New Openings

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New powder coated aluminium windows with solar enhanced glass that reflects 80% of the sun’s heat. The precision of aluminium shining out through the.. Continue Reading >

A flat roofed, timber framed pool house - only structural frame has been erected so far, communion architects Hereford

Splashing Around

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A new, timber-framed, pool house building is shaping up nicely. Part of a scheme to re-imagine a garden in Hereford. August 2020.. Continue Reading >

A pile of used pegging out sticks, they've been used on site for marking out digging areas - communiion architects herefiord

Sticking around

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Remember these? These pegging-out sticks arrived on site a few weeks ago to mark out the garden perimeter. They’ve served us well, the digging.. Continue Reading >

Construction worker in a hi-vis jacket measuring the level of a stone wall as part of some landscaping works in a garden in Hereford, Communion Architects

Re-imagining a garden

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Setting out a new landscape. Creating paths through a re-imagined garden in Hereford. August 2020.. Continue Reading >

A wooden bench with lead rolls and cutting tools - part of a roofer's kit - image from a construction site in Herefordshire, communion architects

Details Matter

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We love the skills and materials that are found on building sites. Here a roofer turning Code 4 lead rolls into flashings for a.. Continue Reading >

A terrace with red plastic railings around it. The view looks out over Hereford. A terrace for a garden. Communion Architects Hereford.

A view to a kill

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A beautiful paved terrace with views over Hereford. This forms part of a larger landscaping project to re-imagine a Victorian garden... Continue Reading >

A timber frame for an extension - the blue sky and green fields can be viewed through the frame - will for a new kitchen - communion architects Hereford

Views all around

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Views to the left, views to the right, views through spaces and views of the sky. Where do spaces start and stop? A.. Continue Reading >

Looking towards a blue sky through a timber frame for an extension to a listed building. The gap in the roof will become a sky light. Communion Architects, Hereford

Mr Blue Sky

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Creating a view of the sky from a new kitchen. Part of a home extension to a grade II listed building. August 2020.. Continue Reading >

On a construction site for a grade 2 listed building in Herefordshire, creation an extension. Here the construction works are securing timber doorways made of thick oak beams between breeze block walls. Communion Architects, Herefordshire

Creating New Doorways

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Creating a home extension for a Grade II listed building in Herefordshire. Here the oak doorframes are being secured in what will be.. Continue Reading >

A bright orange arm of digger ploughs into the soil to create a trench for cement foundations. Communion Architects, Herefordshire

Trench Warfare

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Does this remind you of playing with diggers when you were a child? Here, trenches are being dug ready for cement to be poured.. Continue Reading >

Photo of the exterior wall from a fire damaged cottage. The wall shows to window sections. The Left hand section has had the top lintel replaced with a steel version. The original timber lintel can still be seen above the right hand frame. The lintels are damaged by fire and rot so are being replaced. Communion Architects Herefordshire.

Replacing Timber Lintels

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This is careful and painstaking work, replacing the timber lintels above the windows which were decaying and causing cracking. We’re replacing the original.. Continue Reading >

Wall from a fire damaged cottage. The timber framed walls are filled in with charred brick from the recent fire. The current structure is precarious and needs securing. Communion Architects, Herefordshire.

Creating structural soundness

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Normally when building we start by digging foundations; going down to build up. In this instance we are working on quite a perilous.. Continue Reading >