Esme Coppock

Esme Coppock

Esme is our Communications Lead and is responsible for expanding online interaction, directing online conversations and project narratives. She is also a student at the University of Edinburgh, studying for an MA in Architectural History and Heritage. Her love of architecture and the transformative power of design are reflected in her work.

Articles by Esme Coppock

Pitched roof attic room with two men dress in black surveying the work done. Timber beams and Alex supports are visible. Plaster boards scatter the floor for use in another room. Communion architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Lime Plastering

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Inspecting the internal lime plastering which has been completed. The colour of the lime next to the oak structure looks so beautiful that we’re.. Continue Reading >

Inside a room under construction. Looking at a small timber framed window with exposed timber beams above and walls part painted, part plaster, with tools and timber on the floor in front. Part of an effort to conserve a fire damaged cottage, Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.


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Continuing work on this Grade II Cottage in Worcestershire. It suffered from fire damaged and has been extensively and sensitively repaired. May 2021.. Continue Reading >

The left hand side shows a pile of flat layers of insulation. To the right hand side, the insulation is wrapped in round plastic bundles labelled 'thermal fleece'. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.


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Wood fibre and sheep’s wool insulation for a thatched roof in Worcestershire. April 2021.. Continue Reading >

An apex roof light, part of a small orangery extension. Through the roof light, two dormer windows of the house can be seen. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Orange you glad to see me?!

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Admiring this window in a new orangery for a house in Herefordshire. We love how much light these windows bring.. Continue Reading >

A freshly plastered room, light brown, still slightly damp. Two people stand in the space looking at the room and out the end window, the far wall has floor to ceiling glass windows looking out to a green grassy view. A new extension by communion architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Space, Light, Views

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Contrary to popular belief, extensions are not about having a bit more space – they are about the transformation of space. Transforming space,.. Continue Reading >

A muddy field, red Herefordshire clay soil, with yellow rope marking out rectangular zones. Preparing to dig foundations. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

And so it begins…

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Marking out foundations for a new Rural Workers Cottage on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border. March 2021.. Continue Reading >

A L shaped black and white cottage with scaffolding, with a new thatched roof, complete with a decorative ridge.

Decorative Ridge

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The thatch is complete! Beautifully finished with a decorative ridge. March 2021.. Continue Reading >

Two dormer windows with thatch and decorative ridges at the apex of the dormers and roof. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Thatched Dormers

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Admiring the smooth transition from roof to dormer in the thatch. This is the first time Communion have worked with thatchers to re-thatch a.. Continue Reading >

A thatcher in a blue t-shirt works on top of a pitched roof, laying out thatch to complete the re-thatched cottage. Photo taken from the top of the roof. Communion Architects Hereford, Herefordshire.

Thatching all day long

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Completing a new Thatched roof for a Grade II listed cottage, damaged by fire, located on top of a Worcestershire hill. March.. Continue Reading >

Close up of thatched roof and thatch dormer window. Image focuses on the thickness of thatch which is approximately 50 cm, based on sight. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Admiring the Thatch

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The thatching on this roof is nearing completion, we were admiring the thickness of the thatch, the layers of reeds required to protect.. Continue Reading >

A board of insulation stands upright against a white plaster board behind it, with a fire damaged timber frame behind them both. Part of repairs to a fire damaged cottage, creating breathable construction to protect the historic fabric. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.


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The wall shows old repairs to a cottage, these were unbreathable and sealed in damp. We’re using pavatex boards which will act as insulation and.. Continue Reading >

interior of a part constructed house, interior pitched timber rood with beams and boards exposed - the peak of the pitch roof is open for a future window. The sides are built with breeze blocks, and timber columns with space for floor to ceiling windows along the left hand wall. New House, New Dwelling, communion architects Hereford, Herefordshire.

A New House in the Shire

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This room will become an opening plan living space, complete with a long roof light and views over the Herefordshire.. Continue Reading >

Exterior of a domestic dwelling, L-shaped extension with stone walls and oak door and window frames, protected by a low overhanging roof. Communion Architects, Herefordshire.

The Final Dash before Christmas

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Looking to complete all the items on this extension to a listed farmhouse in Herefordshire, ready for the Christmas celebrations. December.. Continue Reading >

Concrete slabs laid on a new floor for a new dwelling occupy the lower third of the image, the middle third show shows piles of more concrete slabs while a grey and blue winter sky rises up in the background. Communion Architects, Herefordshire

New Flooring

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William Powell are laying a floor for a new dwelling on this site. It will become a family home located a rural Herefordshire village.. Continue Reading >

Wooden floor supports being laid for a new family house. Communion Architects, Herefordshire.

New Floor for a New House

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On site on a cold winters day with William Powell, installing a new floor for a family dwelling house in.. Continue Reading >

A small yellow digger with an extended arm reaching across a muddy ground. The ground is mostly mud with some poured concrete lines in a rectangular formulation, constituting the beginning of some foundations for a new house. Communion Architects, Hereford.

Breaking Ground

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Digging trenches and pouring foundations for a new dwelling in a Herefordshire village. Nothing like starting a brand new house! Cannot wait to see.. Continue Reading >

a old white washed cottage covered in scaffolding with a new roof in the process of being installed. Blue sky above and green grass below. Communion Architects, Hereford.

A New Cottage Roof

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Creating a new roof for this cottage, currently new oak trusses are being installed on site. November 2020.. Continue Reading >

New oak roof truss partway completed on a red brick cottage, image taken from the scaffolding level with the roof trusses. Communion Architects, Hereford.

New Roof

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New oak truss and purlins being fitted on site. November 2020.. Continue Reading >

Zinc folding equipment and a sealant in a red sealant gun laying on a wooden planks and zinc sheets. Communion Design, Hereford.

Tools of the Trade: Zinc

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Zinc folding equipment and sealant to produce a rear abutment gutter for an extension to a listed building in Herefordshire November.. Continue Reading >

Close up of Zinc guttering being attached to a new wooden roof.

Rainwater Catcher

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Zinc guttering being foxed to oak eaves. Roof detailing to a new extension for a listed building in Herefordshire. November 2020  .. Continue Reading >

Close up of roof detailing a new oak beam connected with wooden pegs to an older wooden post which in turn is connected to a white washed stone wall. Communion Architects, Hereford.

New Oak Sill

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New lead flashing to a new oak sill being supported by a new oak beam pegged and morticed into an ancient oak post... Continue Reading >