Esme Coppock

Esme Coppock

Esme is our Communications Lead and is responsible for expanding online interaction, directing online conversations and project narratives. She is also a student at the University of Edinburgh, studying for an MA in Architectural History and Heritage. Her love of architecture and the transformative power of design are reflected in her work.

Articles by Esme Coppock

A terrace with red plastic railings around it. The view looks out over Hereford. A terrace for a garden. Communion Architects Hereford.

A view to a kill

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A beautiful paved terrace with views over Hereford. This forms part of a larger landscaping project to re-imagine a Victorian garden... Continue Reading >

A timber frame for an extension - the blue sky and green fields can be viewed through the frame - will for a new kitchen - communion architects Hereford

Views all around

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Views to the left, views to the right, views through spaces and views of the sky. Where do spaces start and stop? A.. Continue Reading >

Looking towards a blue sky through a timber frame for an extension to a listed building. The gap in the roof will become a sky light. Communion Architects, Hereford

Mr Blue Sky

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Creating a view of the sky from a new kitchen. Part of a home extension to a grade II listed building. August 2020.. Continue Reading >

On a construction site for a grade 2 listed building in Herefordshire, creation an extension. Here the construction works are securing timber doorways made of thick oak beams between breeze block walls. Communion Architects, Herefordshire

Creating New Doorways

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Creating a home extension for a Grade II listed building in Herefordshire. Here the oak doorframes are being secured in what will be.. Continue Reading >

A low red brick wall in a steep garden - part of a landscaping project in Hereford - communion architects

Mortar Samples in the Wall

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We shared a photo a while ago of us choosing mortar samples, and here they are in a wall. It’s exciting.. Continue Reading >

A bright orange arm of digger ploughs into the soil to create a trench for cement foundations. Communion Architects, Herefordshire

Trench Warfare

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Does this remind you of playing with diggers when you were a child? Here, trenches are being dug ready for cement to be poured.. Continue Reading >

Photo of the exterior wall from a fire damaged cottage. The wall shows to window sections. The Left hand section has had the top lintel replaced with a steel version. The original timber lintel can still be seen above the right hand frame. The lintels are damaged by fire and rot so are being replaced. Communion Architects Herefordshire.

Replacing Timber Lintels

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This is careful and painstaking work, replacing the timber lintels above the windows which were decaying and causing cracking. We’re replacing the original.. Continue Reading >

Wall from a fire damaged cottage. The timber framed walls are filled in with charred brick from the recent fire. The current structure is precarious and needs securing. Communion Architects, Herefordshire.

Creating structural soundness

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Normally when building we start by digging foundations; going down to build up. In this instance we are working on quite a perilous.. Continue Reading >

Image from construction site. The top right corner of an empty timber door frame is visible. The horizontal and vertical pieces are being temporarily held together with a joinery tools while they are secured. Through the top lintel runs a steel barn, providing extra support. Communion Architects, Herefordshire.

Timber Framed Doorway

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Details from site: a timber framed doorway being secured. The steel bar running through the top lintel provides extra strength and support. This.. Continue Reading >

On the site of listed building in Herefordshire - constructing an extension. Image shows a low stone wall with an empty doorway frame next to it. A steel beam runs through the top timber beam proving extra support. The stone listed building can be seen in the background, communion architects Herefordshire

A Trinity of Materials

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A journey through a history of construction materials in one photo: stone, timber and steel. Utilising each material for the specific qualities.. Continue Reading >

A view from the bottom of a steeply sloping garden looking up towards the house, high in the distance. Stone steps in the foreground, top left of the image obscured by green foliage. A landscaping project by communion architects.

A view from the river

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View from site looking up from river. A landscaping project, shaping this beautiful for garden to match the elegance of the.. Continue Reading >

A view from the roof. A slate roof and read brick chimney in the foreground with a green field and woodland in the background. Working on a home extension to a listed Georgian building in Herefordshire. Communion Architects.

A view from the roof

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The view from the lead flats of a Georgian roof overlooking the buttercup fields and flush green oak woods of Herefordshire... Continue Reading >

Angled photo of stone walls and supporting steel beams on a construction site for a new extension to a listed building in Herefordshire. Communion Architects.

The strength of steel

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2 universal column sections supporting a new opening in a stone wall. Here we are creating a light-filled kitchen extension, with a.. Continue Reading >

On a construction site, stone walls and steel frame work, extension to a listed building in Herefordshire, communion architects.

From stone to glass

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This one is a little bit exciting! A trapezoidal glass cube is going to be ‘punctured’ through this stone wall to give.. Continue Reading >

On a construction site, a breeze brick wall with a large opening in it which will form a window, through the opening can be see green fields and a woods in the background.

Framing the view

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The view was always there, we just need to frame it. This will be the view from a new kitchen overlooking a field.. Continue Reading >

a builder working on a slate tiled roof, repairing the lead guttering on a Georgian house, listed building.

Lead Guttering

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Code 6 lead gutter to Georgian butterfly roof being repaired. June 2020.. Continue Reading >

View from above, showing a red steel frame of a new extension, in the background is former extension, made from breeze blocks being reimagined.

Views from on high

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View from the butterfly roof showing new steel frame: creating a new opening in existing boundary wall for new kitchen extension to.. Continue Reading >

Two white stone slabs, approximately 1 foot by 2 feet, which will be laid as steps in a landscaped garden

Stone Thresholds

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Stone Thresholds to mark the magic of moving from the outside to inside world…laying stone steps leading from the garden to the house. June.. Continue Reading >

Constructing an extension. A red steel frame in the foreground and a breeze block wall in the foreground, in-between are two builders laying a screed floor.

Steel and Screed

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Progress on this new kitchen extension, the steel frame is in place and the screed is being troweled in. We applaud the amazing.. Continue Reading >

Stake Out

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Today, marking sticks are going to be used to indicate where to dig. They will be placed around the perimeter and string tied around.. Continue Reading >

Mortar Samples

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Decisions, decisions…approving mortar samples ready to be used on site. May 2020.. Continue Reading >

X marks the spot

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The easing of lockdown restrictions means we’re back on site marking out areas for an extension. Dig Here! May 2020.. Continue Reading >