Esme Coppock

Esme Coppock

Esmé is our Communications Lead and is responsible for engaging people with our work online. She is also a student at the University of Edinburgh, studying for an MA in architectural history and heritage. She is involved towards the end of your project when we are seeking to reflect on our work with you and understand more about your experience so we can evolve our practice.

Articles by Esme Coppock

Henry Hoover next to the base of a column on a wooden floor. In the background pointed gothic arches frame the altar. Communion Architects Hereford

Here to Help

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Henry is on site this morning to lend a helping hand. It’s time to clean as this church nears it official reopening. June.. Continue Reading >

Interior fo a church. Low pointed arches reach span the length of the church. Underneath is a new wooden floor bringing a warmth into the stone building. Communion Architects Hereford

Nearing Completion

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After many months on site this church reordering project is nearing completion. The new floor is brings a beautiful warmth into the space. The.. Continue Reading >

A timber boarded wall with two door openings. Doors ajar showing a glimpse of two toilet cubicles inside. The left cubical is painted a print yellow and the right hand side one is painted a bright orange. Communion Architects Hereford

Splash of Colour

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Adding a bright pop of colour to these, now complete, toilet cubicles. In an elegant reordering project, this medieval church has a few.. Continue Reading >

close up of detailing - wooden banister railing with bronze supports - communion architects church reordering

Bronze Detailing

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Beautiful bronze detailing for these railing on a church re-ordering scheme. May 2022.. Continue Reading >

part finished church reordering scheme, new floorboards laid and new furniture partly built. Communion Architects Herefordshire

Progress On Site

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Progress on this church re-ordering scheme. Floors laid, doors fitted and furniture assembled. May 2022.. Continue Reading >

unadorned timber bording, creating the basic construction for a set of toilets. Part of a wider church reordering project by communion architects Hereford

Water Closets

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Constructing a pair of toilet cubicles as part of a church reordering scheme. Once complete, they will have beautiful timber rendering and a pop.. Continue Reading >

image from site in a church reordering project. Materials and boxes scattered across the floor of a medieval church ready to be transformed. Communion Architects Hereford.

Church Activities

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All hands on deck for this church reordering. Here a ramp is being constructed for accessibility and shelving units are being built for storage... Continue Reading >

View from mezzanine in a new build house. Apex windows, glass balustrade, steel and glass light fixtures. Communion Architects Hereford

New Beginnings

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View from the mezzanine for in a new house in Herefordshire. Flooding the interior with light and admiring the delicate balustrade and abstract light.. Continue Reading >

interior image of a church with a new floor being laid and new cabinets under construction - part of a church reordering scheme - communion architects Hereford.

Change is afoot

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It’s all hands on deck and full steam ahead with progress well under way for this church reordering. The floor is beginning to.. Continue Reading >

wooden support construction being built, for a kitchen unit in a church reordering. Communion Architects Hereford.

What’s Cooking?

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Designing a beautiful and understated kitchen unit for this church reordering. It will be transformative for this space, allowing the church to more easily.. Continue Reading >

Church archway with the door open showing the inside of the church where a workman is kneeling, laying a new timber floor in the space. Communion Architects Hereford.

Crossing the Threshold

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Moving into new beginning. Laying a new floor at this church re-ordering project to give the space greater flexibility. One of our favourite.. Continue Reading >

interior of a small stone church with a timber roof filled with cardboard boxes and tarpaulin covered furniture as the space becomes a building site for a church reordering. communion architects Hereford.

Preparations On Site

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Work is commencing on this church re-ordering scheme to make the space more usage for the local community. Looking forward to seeing how.. Continue Reading >

Inside a country church, the pulpit and pews have been covered with tarpaulin. Church Re-ordering scheme by communion architects Hereford

Work Begins

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Protective measures being taken at this church re-ordering scheme. We love being able to work with churches to see their space transformed and impact.. Continue Reading >

Inside a long white painted room with floor to ceiling windows on the entirety of the right hand wall. Apex roof with a long roof light. Communion Architects Hereford

All Hands on Deck

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Finishing touches being applied here. It’s the count down to Christmas, and the team works on site to complete this new home... Continue Reading >

Inside a new house being contrasted. The building work is mostly done, the walls have even been painted and lights installed. Furniture fittings lie wrapped up in cardboard ready to be installed. Communion Architects Hereford

Brown Paper Packages

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Wrapped up with string. The fittings are being unpackaged and installed as this home in Hereford nears completion on site. November 2021.. Continue Reading >

exterior of L shaped house at dusk, A single story building with a colonnade of timber pillars. House appears nearly complete. Communion Architects Hereford

Dusk Settles

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Night is falling on this project. A new house in Hereford is nearing completion as finishing details are added including external lighting. November 2021.. Continue Reading >

A rural cottage with a new sensitive extension nestled in a green garden under blue skies, communion architects Hereford.

Communion Architour

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This month the Communion Team hit the roads and visited some of the projects we’ve completed with our clients. This is a new orangery.. Continue Reading >

Orangery extension interior - an apex roof light floods the new sitting room extension with sun rays, Communion architects Hereford

A New Orangery

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Flooded with glorious sunlight, this new orangery creates a light and airy space for our clients to enjoy their rural vistas and warm.. Continue Reading >

A new orangery extension, a sitting room, half the space is standard brick walls with plastering and half the space is constructed with glazed windows - creating a warm, light filled sitting room for our clients - communion architects Hereford.

Flooded with Light

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A small orangery extension has created a beautiful light-filled space for our clients to enjoy. Light is one of the key elements we.. Continue Reading >

A new ensuite, curved timber walls segregate the ensuite from the bedroom, creating facilities in the bedroom without loosing space, Communion architects Hereford.

Let’s Talk Bathrooms

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A new ensuite for this bedroom – the curved wall allows as much floor space as possible in the bedroom to be maintained.. Continue Reading >

A small yellow digger clearing a muddy area while in the right hand side of the image is a new single storey house with a slate roof and glass and timber walls. Communion Architects Hereford.

Sunrise On Site

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The sun rises on this project as the digger prepares the ground for a new garden and the house nears completion. October 2021.. Continue Reading >