Esme Coppock

Esme Coppock

Esme is our Communications Lead and is responsible for expanding online interaction, directing online conversations and project narratives. She is also a student at the University of Edinburgh, studying for an MA in Architectural History and Heritage. Her love of architecture and the transformative power of design are reflected in her work.

Articles by Esme Coppock

A rural cottage with a new sensitive extension nestled in a green garden under blue skies, communion architects Hereford.

Communion Architour

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This month the Communion Team hit the roads and visited some of the projects we’ve completed with our clients. This is a new orangery.. Continue Reading >

Orangery extension interior - an apex roof light floods the new sitting room extension with sun rays, Communion architects Hereford

A New Orangery

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Flooded with glorious sunlight, this new orangery creates a light and airy space for our clients to enjoy their rural vistas and warm.. Continue Reading >

A new orangery extension, a sitting room, half the space is standard brick walls with plastering and half the space is constructed with glazed windows - creating a warm, light filled sitting room for our clients - communion architects Hereford.

Flooded with Light

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A small orangery extension has created a beautiful light-filled space for our clients to enjoy. Light is one of the key elements we.. Continue Reading >

A new ensuite, curved timber walls segregate the ensuite from the bedroom, creating facilities in the bedroom without loosing space, Communion architects Hereford.

Let’s Talk Bathrooms

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A new ensuite for this bedroom – the curved wall allows as much floor space as possible in the bedroom to be maintained.. Continue Reading >

A small yellow digger clearing a muddy area while in the right hand side of the image is a new single storey house with a slate roof and glass and timber walls. Communion Architects Hereford.

Sunrise On Site

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The sun rises on this project as the digger prepares the ground for a new garden and the house nears completion. October 2021.. Continue Reading >

end facade of a new house designed by communion architects - one storey with an apex roof, with foundations of brick supporting one half of a glazed wall and half of a timber covered facade.

A Medley of Materials

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Beautiful golden light bounces off this facade, an elevation from a new house in Herefordshire. We’re enjoying the combination of different materials.. Continue Reading >

Large grey front door ajar, new house, communion architects

Crossing the Threshold

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Opening the door to new possibilities, crossing the threshold into this new house in Herefordshire, exciting opportunities await as this project nears completion.. Continue Reading >

a L shaped house, single storey with a slate roof, full height glazing for the walls and timber columns supporting overhanging eaves. Communion Architects, Hereford.

Sun-Filled Family Home

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Walls of glazing in this new family home will create a light, open and airy house filled with sunlight. It’s a very exciting.. Continue Reading >

L-shaped house - close up of timber columns and timber eaves supporting an overhanging roof, protecting a wall of glass, communion architects Hereford.

Timber Columns

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Beautiful details of timber columns supporting a slate roof protecting walls of glass. Creating a new home in Herefordshire. September 2021.. Continue Reading >

Looking through an oblong room, freshly plastered walls, timber cupboard doors to one side and full height glazed windows at the far end. Communion Architects, Hereford.

New Possibilities

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Freshly plastered walls and autumnal sun streaming through the windows, this new house in Herefordshire is nearly complete, ready for a family to move.. Continue Reading >

End wall of a new house, a pet slate roof, facade is boarded with fresh cedar. Communion Architects Hereford

Timber Cladding

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Facing this new house with some beautiful timber cladding bringing a beautiful textual nature to the house. September 2021.. Continue Reading >

freshly plastered main room interior for a new build in Herefordshire. glazed walls and an apex roof with a full length sky light. communion architects Hereford.

Fresh Plaster

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Moving on to the finishing touches, plastering and decorating, as we near completion on this new family home in Herefordshire. September 2021.. Continue Reading >

inside an attic room with sloping roof and freshly plaster walls. The end wall is glazed with golden autumnal sun shine through. New House designed by communion architects Hereford

Autumnal Sun

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Golden light shining through this attic window, very soon this will be an home office for a new house being built in Herefordshire. September.. Continue Reading >

Timber framed wall building, part way through construction, with no packing between the timber frames yet. On the floor is a curling red tube curling across the floor expanse - part of an underfloor heating system. communion Architects Hereford, Herefordshire.

Underfloor Doodle

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We are big fans of underfloor heating, especially in the winter with a lovely toasty floor keeping the house warm. Looking at it being.. Continue Reading >

A timber framed structure under construction. at the centre of the image is a ground source heat pump with several red wires spreading out from it across the floor. Communion Architects Hereford, Herefordshire.

Air Source Heat Pump

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We really love underfloor heating. It also works really well with an Air Source Heatpump, because they need lower flow rates compared.. Continue Reading >

A portrait image of a corner of a room where two floor to ceiling windows meet with oak beam framing and bracing the space. cream roof and garden outside with a miuddy flower bed, grass and trees beyond. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Bringing the light in

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When our clients are looking to extend, they are not looking for another small, dark space bolted on the existing building. Together,.. Continue Reading >

A corridor strewn with building equipment such as tool boxes and ladders. The top half of the walls are painted white, the lower half have been stripped and show exposed brick. A red line runs between the two. Communion Architects Hereford.

After the Storm

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We are working with Freedom Church Hereford to repair flood damage from Storm Denis. We are looking to install improvements to reduce the.. Continue Reading >

A 'wriggly' tin roof with breeze block walls, surrounded by scaffolding. A rural dwelling on the Herefordshire, Worcestershire border. Communion architects, Hereford.

‘Wriggly’ Roof

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Our Gamekeepers Cottage is taking on the farmyard aesthetic with Netherwood’s Estate’s Navy Blue ‘Wriggly Tin’ Roof. This is fast becoming the material and.. Continue Reading >

A black and white timber framed house with a thatched roof and large chimney breast on the left hand side. The right hand side has a double height extension with small windows, white render and tile roof, with grass in front. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Almost there!

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It’s been a long project on site and the end is finally in sight. This cottage suffered from extensive fire damage but has now.. Continue Reading >

Interior of a new dwelling in Herefordshire, under construction. Concrete floor, timber beams, exposed insulation, in the pitched roof. The pitched roof has a pitched window running the length of the peak. The walls show exposed breeze blocks and brick, with the right hand wall open for floor to ceiling windows. Communion Architects Hereford.

Progress on site

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This project is coming along beautifully, the window along the top of the pitched roof has been installed along with some of the.. Continue Reading >

A new dwelling in Herefordshire. L-shaped plan, half the image shows the outside with a muddy building site, the other half shows the darker interior currently under construction with exposed wooden panels, breeze blocks, and insulation in view. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Exposing Architecture

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The raw space of construction, inside and out, it’s quite amazing to think that this cold, hard, muddy site will become a warm, welcoming.. Continue Reading >

a muddy building site with Herefordshire's red clay soil. In the middle of the dirt is a scaffold-covered bungalow, a new dwelling. A yellow digger rests in front of the new house under construction. Communion Architects, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Gamekeepers Cottage

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Our Gamekeepers Cottage taking on the farmyard aesthetic, works are progressing fast on site, another couple of months and the residents will be ready.. Continue Reading >