Esme Coppock

Esme Coppock

Esme is our Communications Lead and is responsible for expanding online interaction, directing online conversations and project narratives. She is also a student at the University of Edinburgh, studying for an MA in Architectural History and Heritage. Her love of architecture and the transformative power of design are reflected in her work.

Articles by Esme Coppock

Mortar Samples

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Decisions, decisions…approving mortar samples ready to be used on site. May 2020.. Continue Reading >

X marks the spot

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The easing of lockdown restrictions means we’re back on site marking out areas for an extension. Dig Here! May 2020.. Continue Reading >

Raising the Roof

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Back up and running, it’s so good to be on site taking things forward during these times. Here we’re taking the roof off.. Continue Reading >

Going down to go up

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One of the comments we often get is how deep foundations have to go. Herefordshire has generally very good soils and therefore,.. Continue Reading >

Starting work again

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The Government is keen for construction to carry on where it is safe to do so. It is good to be back on.. Continue Reading >

Works Grind to a Halt

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When works stop – welcome to lockdown. A new extension to a Grade II listed Herefordshire Farm house. After 2 years.. Continue Reading >

Spring has sprung on site

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Taking a moment to pause and admire the beautiful blossom in full bloom on this socially distanced site visit to Ledbury. Enjoying.. Continue Reading >

Story of the Stones

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The interplay of granite and basalt against the limestone steps of the west portico of St Matthias. A trinity of stone... Continue Reading >

Visiting St Matthias

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Visiting St Matthias to enjoy their new piazza. Even on a rainy February day the sense of opens is quite dramatic... Continue Reading >

Enjoying a new view

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January is well underway and we are back on site with restored vision. Here we pause and take a moment to enjoy.. Continue Reading >

A Breath of Fresh Air

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Today we’re feeling very privileged to practise in Herefordshire as we take a moment to enjoy a breath of fresh air... Continue Reading >

Laying out a Trefoil

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Gary from Alliance Building Company has been laying out granite cobbles to form a trefoil at St Matthias Church, Torquey. November 2019.. Continue Reading >

Planning the Pattern

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Silver Grey granite setts laid against Tombermore Fusion Concrete setts to form a Trefoil at St Matthias Church, Torquey. October 2019.. Continue Reading >

Unexpected Blessings

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This well was unexpectedly found onsite during works, our clients have since transformed it into a centre piece for their new extension. October 2019.. Continue Reading >

Paving the Way

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Setting out a paved piazza to enhance the setting of St Matthias Church, originally by Anthony Salvin and John Pearson in Torquay. It is always.. Continue Reading >