The Communion Process

The journey to transform an idea into a building breaks down into five independent but interlinked Stages.

Stage Two: Verbalise

Designing the Finer Details & Agreeing the Price

By the end of Stage Two, you will know exactly what your design looks like, how much it will cost to build, the company that is going to be building it and when they will be starting work. If you are happy with the level of investment involved, you will be in a position to start work on site.

This Stage involves:

  • Appointing the specialists who will provide the technical expertise needed to bring your project to life.
  • Gaining Building Regulation approval to ensure your building will comply with all legal requirements and construction standards.
  • Obtaining a competitive price so you can be confident the price you pay is the best market rate.
  • Selecting a ‘preferred building contractor’ who will build your project.
  • Undertaking a value engineering exercise to optimise and – if possible – reduce the costs of your project further.
  • Developing the contract information for the building work to give you significant legal protection as your project is constructed.
  • Producing the Pre-Construction Health and Safety Documentation to discharge your legal duty under the CDM 2015 Regulations.

We also offer the option of a 3D digital model of your design. At this Stage, we develop the model at near 1:1 scale. We then project the model on site or, if that isn’t possible, at our offices, so you can see what your design will actually look like. We find that being able to bring the design to life like this allows everyone involved in the project to make design decisions with much greater confidence.

This Stage involves a lot of design decisions, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. To help you navigate the choices available, we will give you a copy of our Materials Guide. It introduces you to some of the materials we have found to be useful in creating successful spaces and shows you how they have been combined into distinctive palettes on some of the projects we have worked on.

Here are the steps we follow at Stage Two

  • Agreeing Stage Two
  • Pre-Meeting Work
  • Design Meeting 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc
  • Appointment of Specialists
  • Invitations to Tender
  • Submission of Building Control Application
  • Answering of Tender Queries
  • Visiting of Contractors to Site
  • Tender Return Date
  • Validation of Lowest Tender / QS
  • Reviewing the Prices
  • Negotiating / Value Engineering Exercise
  • Selecting Preferred Contractor

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