The Communion Process

The journey to transform an idea into a building breaks down into five independent but interlinked Stages.

Stage One: Visualise

Establishing, Designing & Gaining Consent

Stage One takes your project from an idea to the point where you have a design that meets your needs, you have a reasonably good idea of costs and timescales and you have permission to carry out the work.

This Stage involves:

  • Surveying the existing building to produce accurate measured drawings; on larger projects we tender this to ensure that you gain absolute best value for money.
  • Preparing proposed design options based on your needs and desires.
  • Working with you to discuss the options and developing one of them to create a design that you are excited about.
  • Providing initial budget costings which seek to give you a “ballpark” level of investment required to deliver the project.
  • Submitting a Pre-Planning Enquiry, negotiating on your behalf and applying for Planning Permission.
  • Overseeing the Application while it is in for planning and responding to any queries that need to be addressed.
  • Providing a Project Programme so you can make appropriate arrangements for planning the project.

Here are the steps we follow

  • Consultation Meeting/ Setting up your Project
  • The Site Survey
  • Design Meeting 1.1
  • Design Meeting 1.2
  • Submitting the Pre-planning Enquiry
  • Pre-planning Enquiry Review
  • Submission of the Planning Application
  • Overseeing the Application Process
  • The Issue of Consent

Find out what happens at Stage Two