The Communion Process

The journey to transform an idea into a building has five independent but interlinked Stages.
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Stage Three: Materialise

Delivering the Project

Stage Three is the most dramatic. You start with ‘nothing’ and when finished you will have a completed building! When we work with you at Stage Three, we will be at your side every step of the way to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it can and that all the details come together.

The Stage involves a regular and on-going set of tasks that need to be completed in order to help you fulfil your role as ‘Employer’ in the contract, and also in terms of helping you to achieve the most from your project during the construction stage of the works.

There are monthly meetings, fortnightly visits and daily queries and actions that all need clear accurate and knowledgeable responses. As completion comes into view, all the ends need tying up, actions ticked off, snagging completed with all warranties, certificates and building control requirements fulfilled.

Although this Stage can be stressful, all the plans, decisions and contingencies we have agreed in previous Stages will now reveal their value in keeping uncertainties to a minimum while you enjoy watching the project come to life in front of your very eyes.

The Materialise Journey

  • 1. Contract Meeting
  • 2. Sign Building Contract
  • 3. Arrange Site Visits
  • 4. Arrange Site Meetings
  • 5. Issue Instructions
  • 6. Advise on Payments
  • 7. Manage Timescales
  • 8. Completion & Handover

Our Project Management Approach

Running a complete project on site involves working with many people who day by day deliver your project piece by piece.

Our role is to ensure that the idea and visions developed in Stage One, along with the details and plans from Stage Two, are delivered in Stage Three, in accordance with agreed costings and timescales.

To support this, all the documentation that is required to deliver the project is held in a comprehensive project management platform.

The platform can always be accessed and updated by all members of the team to ensure complete visibility at all times. It also ensures that all discussions and meeting actions are captured, processed, reviewed and delivered as part of the construction process.

On Site Gallery

So often when we look at architecture we only see the pristine final project. Our On Site Gallery aims to lift the curtain and reveal the creative and construction processes behind the finished buildings.

“We used Communion for the project management of the build. We were glad we did because it helped keep everything on price when there were inevitable changes and things we hadn’t thought about or expected. Having them there kept everything on track.”
Communion Client

Key Deliverables of Stage Three

  • Establishing and administrating a contract between you and your building contractor.
  • Organising and attending fortnightly site visits that check progress on site, answer day-to-day site queries and identify bigger site queries to take to the next site meeting.
  • Organising and attending monthly site meetings that review progress, look at outstanding actions, reports from all team members and confirm actions to site and revisions to information.
  • Managing any changes in design, whether it’s because of an unforeseen issue, materials not being available or a change of mind in terms of finishes, all of which are to be expected on a typical building project.
  • Providing financial reports and advising you on monthly payments to the contractor.
  • Working with all parties to deal with any time overruns whilst maintaining quality, minimising delays and fairly addressing any associated costs.
  • Ensuring that all work is completed to a high standard before signing off a project.
  • Issuing the Practical Completion Certificate, ensuring a successful handover to you, and confirming compliance with Building Control Regulations.

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