The Communion Process

The journey to transform an idea into a building has five independent but interlinked Stages.
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Stage Three: Materialise

Delivering the Project

Stage Three is the most exciting of all the Stages of your project because at the end of it you will have a completed build.

If you choose to work with us during this Stage we’ll be by your side every step of the way to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it can and every detail is finished perfectly.

As well as being exciting, many people also find this the most stressful part of the project, particularly if they have chosen to live on site while the building work takes place. There is no doubt that this is a challenging time, but all the plans, decisions and contingencies we have agreed in previous Stages will reveal their value in keeping the stress of uncertainties to a minimum.

On Site Gallery

So often when we look at architecture we only see the pristine final project. Our On Site Gallery aims to lift the curtain and reveal the creative and construction processes behind the finished buildings. View the latest photos from our on site work

“We used Communion for the project management of the build. We were glad we did because it helped keep everything on price when there were inevitable changes and things we hadn’t thought about or expected. Having them there kept everything on track.”
Communion Client

Stage Three steps:

  • Contract Meeting
  • Sign Building Contract
  • Arrange Site Visits
  • Arrange Site Meetings
  • Issue Instructions
  • Advise on Payments
  • Manage Timescales
  • Completion & Handover

Key Deliverables of Stage Three:

  • Establishing and administrating a contract between you and a contractor.
  • Inspecting the works regularly on-site to ensure quality and agreeing design details.
  • Providing financial reports and advising you on payments to the contractor.
  • Ensuring correct implementation of the agreed design on site.
  • Responding to regular construction queries.
  • Instructing additional works required to resolve unforeseen issues and valuing these against agreed contingency and previously agreed provisional sums.
  • Responding to any changes in design requested by you as you see your project brought to life.
  • Being on-hand to resolve any site issues.
  • Ensuring that all work is completed to a high standard before signing off a project.
  • Agreeing Extensions of Time for additional work or issuing Non-Completion Certificates if works are running over.
  • Issuing the Practical Completion Certificate, ensuring a successful handover to you, and confirming compliance with Building Control Regulations.