The Communion Process

The journey to transform an idea into a building has five independent but interlinked Stages.
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Stage Four: Utilise

Living the Life

The start of this Stage is a wonderful time because it’s the point at which you move into your completed build.

However, it is not the end of the process. All building work takes time to settle in and you will always notice one or two things that weren’t quite completed in the way that was expected.

Stage Four is when the final finishing touches are fixed or completed. It’s also an opportunity for us to celebrate and reflect your project. Continuous professional development is important to us and we like to take the time to consider the lessons we can learn for our future work.

“It’s changed our lives in terms of how we can entertain people and how we can interact as a family.”

Stage Four steps:

  • Checking for Defects
  • Issue Documentation
  • Learning & Feedback
  • Making Good of Defects
  • Issue Final Certificate
  • Living the Life

Key Deliverables of Stage Four:

  • Providing a complete Stage Three file that gives a complete record of the project including ‘as built’ drawings and key certificates.
  • Checking the building regularly to ensure everything is working correctly and actioning any necessary work.
  • Commissioning professional photographs to celebrate completion of the project.
  • Getting detailed feedback from you to help us continually learn and improve.
  • Returning to site after 12 months to carry out an inspection and making sure that any defects are ‘made good’ before finalising the final account.
  • Issuing the final certificate that confirms that all works are complete, any defects have been made good and all monies have been paid.
  • Commissioning a project story for the Communion Architects website and a coffee book for you to keep and enjoy.

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