A new floor for St Mary’s in Maidenhead

by 10th Feb, 2017

We are privileged to be working on the re-ordering of St Mary’s Church in Maidenhead.

This time-lapse video shows the new concrete floor slab being poured. It’s a pretty impressive sight!

St Mary’s is a 1960s church. It has a prime town centre site but it wants to be more visible, accessible and welcoming to visitors as well as keep the building in good repair.

There were three steps to enter the church and the floor inside was raked and had fixed pews. This meant that disabled access was difficult and the layout wasn’t very flexible. Additionally, the floor had an early example of underfloor heating, but some elements of this were failing and a new heating solution was required.

Our solution was simple and radical but fundamental to the success of the project. The existing floor has been removed and replaced with a new heated floor set at a lower level so that the inside and outside levels will be the same. This one change enables universal access and creates a very flexible and warm space.

You can read the full story of the re-ordering of St Mary’s in our Projects section.