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Bespoke new build Worcestershire home, clay tiles, large two storey windows, set in a large garden.Bespoke new build Worcestershire home, clay tiles, large two storey windows, set in a large garden.

The opportunity to create a new build dwelling house on a site is a rare and precious prospect. It is a chance to create a wonderful space that brings joy to your day-to-day life and takes its place in the landscape with pride and sensitivity. For us, therefore, it is an awesome responsibility and we want to ensure that we work with you to deliver a truly unique building.

Your new home needs to be built around your daily life and it also needs to be built around the way it uses – or, more importantly, doesn’t use – energy. We need to respect precious, finite resources by making the most of the warmth from the sun, the air and the earth to heat and power your home. To do this, we follow the principles of our Sustainability & Energy Creed.

We take the practicalities of life very seriously too, building plentiful cupboards and having places to stow, hang and keep things from the moment you open your front door. It also means focusing on the finances. We are very conscious of costs and take care at every step that we are building a home at a level of investment that’s achievable for you and will bring returns to you year after year.

How We Helped Vel and Simon

Interior of a home extension, left hand wall open bookcase, right hand wall and far back wall is glazed with timber frames, in the centre are two grey sofas on a oak floor.

“I love the house, it’s warm, light and inviting. I’m much more in touch with the outside than ever before and it has changed my whole perspective on life.”

Vel and Simon had lived in a house on four acres of land, which included an old orchard, for over 20 years. The site had always seemed to offer scope to build another property and help the couple maximise the value of their land. However its rural location meant that, when they enquired about the possibility of planning permission, they were always told it would not be granted.

Communion advised Vel and Simon that temporary changes to planning law in 2012 meant that their dream of building a property on their land might at last be possible. Our application was successful and permission was granted to build a sustainable detached home that respected the character of the area.

We then worked closely with the couple to create the home of their dreams at a cost they were comfortable with.

While both wanted a light-filled and spacious home, an open plan layout did not appeal. Our solution had a traditional room-based layout with every room having floor-to-ceiling windows. This gives them the light and space they were looking for and offers expansive views of the Worcestershire countryside.

Vel and Simon are delighted with their new house. It has allowed them to realise the value of the land they owned as well as creating a dream home for them to live in.

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I love, love, love my house.

Developing a Modern Barn That Sits Sensitively in its Surroundings

“Living in this house as a family is enormously valuable. It’s worked out as a good financial investment for us too, but we didn’t set out for that to be a significant part of the project. We see the kids enjoying it and running around in here and we know we’ve future-proofed our home, we don’t need to do anything to it.

Our clients had purchased a handsome Georgian home in a traditional Herefordshire village. The property included a parcel of land that always looked as if it would be an ideal site for a new house, although planning permission had been refused twice before they had purchased it.

We first worked with our clients to reimagine their Georgian house so it was in keeping with its heritage but also suitable for 21st century family life. Our clients loved their Georgian home, but the land remained an intriguing possibility with exciting options. If planning permission could be secured, they could either build a house to live in themselves or realise the value of the land. Keen to explore their options, they invited us to join them on their journey.

We considered that a sensitive, low-carbon dwelling that drew on the typology of single-storey implement sheds that are found in the local area and were in keeping with the historic village setting could provide a way forward.

With a carefully prepared planning case, along with a sensitive, sustainable design, it was agreed that the scheme represented an example of high-quality design, and consent was duly granted.

We continued through our Three Stage process with our clients to take the project to tender and then to build it on site.

The result is a beautiful, environmentally responsible home that sits sensitively in its surroundings where our clients are raising their young family.

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We’d quite happily live here forever.

Managing Costs, Ensuring Quality

We will work closely with you to develop a design that is centred around your needs and dreams.

You can use our Three Stage process to help you steer the project through the planning process, budget the work, source contractors, manage the build phase, ensure all regulations are met and undertake snagging at the end of the process.

This approach allows you to create a valuable home, keep control of your budget and attain the high quality finish you expect from a carefully-designed home.

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