Alex Coppock

The layout of space: the living area

by 14th Sep, 2018

The layout of your interior spaces will impose a routine on everyone who lives there so it is important to ensure the routine you create is life giving, easy and beneficial.

Every home and every person’s routine is different but we find there are some set routines that we find resonate with most people and which can be used to start thinking about the plan of the house.

In this series of eight articles, we’ll take a look at some of the spaces in the home, their relationship to each other and what their design needs to consider.

In the fourth article we look at the living area.

Living areas can be part of an open plan kitchen, dining and living space or be a separate room. In terms of the traditional living room, there is usually a point of focus that will either be a fireplace, or, in more contemporary homes, a very large screen. This screen has grown in size and importance from being solely associated with television to being associated with live streaming, digital music, presenting photographs, video conferencing and more. Careful consideration therefore needs to be given to the audio visual installations in this space.

There are many different ways to refer to a living area and many different ways in which it can be used. These range from media dens to cinema rooms, to snugs, to drawing rooms, to libraries, to studies. It may be the case that a sitting room has several of these functions within one space or it may be that one of these individual rooms is so important to you that you wish to give it a completely dedicated space.

As kitchen, dining and living areas become more open plan generally, there is also a desire to make dedicated quiet areas that people can retreat to at certain times of the day, especially if living as part of a larger family. The arrangement of these individual rooms and the relationship they have with the rest of the spaces is obviously key and important.