Alex Coppock

The layout of space: the kitchen

by 17th Aug, 2018

The layout of your interior spaces will impose a routine on everyone who lives there so it is important to ensure the routine you create is life giving, easy and beneficial.

Every home and every person’s routine is different but we find there are some set routines that we find resonate with most people and which can be used to start thinking about the plan of the house.

In this series of eight articles, we’ll take a look at some of the spaces in the home, their relationship to each other and what their design needs to consider.

The second most important consideration tends to be the kitchen. When one enters the house, the kitchen tends to be the first port of call. Whether it’s to prepare a drink to welcome a visitor or to put away large bags of groceries, there seems little point in walking any further than necessary to access the space where these can be achieved.

Kitchens have been transformed in recent times from sculleries, where there was little light, air or view, to spaces where we wish to spend the majority of our time – the new living rooms. They have become the real centrepiece of our home and kitchen design has evolved into a discipline almost in its own right. Much thought and care therefore needs to be taken over this area.