Alex Coppock

The layout of space: the dining area

by 31st Aug, 2018

The layout of your interior spaces will impose a routine on everyone who lives there so it is important to ensure the routine you create is life giving, easy and beneficial.

Every home and every person’s routine is different but we find there are some set routines that we find resonate with most people and which can be used to start thinking about the plan of the house.

In this series of eight articles, we’ll take a look at some of the spaces in the home, their relationship to each other and what their design needs to consider.

In this third article we look at the dining area.

After entering the house, accessing the kitchen and preparing food, many people find it useful to have an area for eating, whether it’s to entertain in or for everyday meals. Sometimes the two areas can exist as part of one open plan living space; sometimes people prefer to have a separate formal area for dining. No matter which is the case, the relationship between the kitchen and the dining area is important.

Once people have cooked and eaten, there is often the desire to relax in more comfortable surroundings, which brings us into the next key area of the house, which is the living area.