Alex Coppock

Alex speaks at Marches SPAB event

by 10th Oct, 2013

Alex Coppock was delighted to be invited to speak at a recent event organised by the Marches regional group of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).

The event at which Alex spoke included a visit to St Peter’s Church, Peterchurch.

Alex spoke about change and decay in church buildings taking St Peter’s as an example. He explained how the re-ordering of the church has preserved the fabric of the building but also given it a new lease of life and placed the building right at the heart of its community.

The talk was followed by a question and answer session, where the expertise and passion of the attendees was reflected in the insights and points of view they raised.

Following the visit, Alison Davies of the Group, contacted Alex to say:

“Thank you for your enlightening slideshow presentation covering your work at St Peter’s. It was interesting to hear how such projects develop from initial ideas to final outcome. It was uplifting to hear of how the user base of the church building is so much wider and that it is regularly brimming with people now. Indeed, during our visit, a group of young people had to make room for us and continue their meeting in the church yard and during one of my pre-visits, around a dozen children were making creative artwork in the nave. From your presentation, we felt the successful outcome and each of us took part of the Peterchurch message back to our own parish to reflect upon our own churches and their use. The ladies of the church also added to the successful visit, by serving us tea and cakes – always enjoyed by this SPAB group.”
Alison Davis, Marches Regional Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings