Alex Coppock

Words of Transformation

by 27th Mar, 2015

St Peter's Church, PeterchurchSt Peter's Church, Peterchurch

On 9 March 2015, Alex spoke at Leominster Civic Society. The theme of his talk was Words of Transformation. His starting point was that architecture exists without words – we have an innate understanding of the concepts of inside, outside, landscape and so on without needing words to describe them. But when it comes to the design process, we rely on words to discuss ideas and concepts.

He went on to discuss the words we use when talking about working with existing buildings, showing how the choice of word reveals subtle differences that affect the final outcome. In particular he looked at the words used to describe the conservation techniques used in three different projects and showed how they managed change to significant buildings to allow them to continue their role in society.

The buildings he discussed were:

  1. 14th Century Farmhouse, Careful Conservation: with a twist
  2. 17th Century Barn, Repair and Transformation
  3. St Peter’s Peterchurch, Re-imagining: five boxes and a floor

You can see the slides from his presentation below.

Alex said, “I received a very warm welcome from the Civic Society members and had a very pleasant evening. I very much enjoyed the conversations I had following my talk and was interested to hear more about the Society’s approach to conserving the historic market town of Leominster.”

Words of Transformation from CommunionDesign