Alex Coppock

Alex Coppock to speak at church re-ordering meeting in Hereford

by 14th Feb, 2013

Alex Coppock will be a speaker at the Change or Decay meeting organised by Hereford Civic Society at St Peter’s Church in Hereford on 17 April 2013. The meeting will focus on the county’s pioneering work in the area of church re-ordering.

The New Work in Churches conference in October last year was a valuable chance to take part in the national debate on church re-ordering. Change or Decay will demonstrate how Herefordshire is leading the way in this area and be a valuable opportunity to engage with the Civic Society.

Alex was invited to speak thanks to his work on community-based church transformations in Herefordshire such as the award-winning conversion of St Peter’s, Peterchurch, the New Bridge Community Centre, created within St Andrew’s Church, Bridge Sollars and St Peter’s Hereford, where the meeting will take place.

The other speaker at the event will be Andrew Mottram, Heritage Buildings & Community Development Officer for the Worcester Diocese. Andrew was one of the prime movers behind the highly successful conversion (by architect Rod Robinson) of All Saint’s Hereford, which went on to win a Civic Trust Award.

For more information on the event, please contact Nick Jones on 01432 274800.