Alex Coppock

Alex Coppock to speak at Architects and Surveyors’ Colloquium

by 17th Mar, 2014

St Peter's Church, PeterchurchSt Peter's Church, Peterchurch

Alex has been invited to speak at the Architects and Surveyors’ Colloquium in Lincoln on 19 March.

The Colloquium is a day of presentations put together to inform thinking about a range of challenges associated with church buildings in the Diocese of Lincoln.

Alex’s presentation is called Ecclesiastical Design Considerations. He will be looking at his re-orderings of St Peter’s Church, Peterchurch, St Andrew’s Church, Bridge Sollars and St Peter’s Church, Hereford. He will then go on to discuss what he considers to be the three key concepts of church re-ordering: business, belief and building.