Alex Coppock

Alex Coppock addresses conference at Lambeth Palace

by 3rd Sep, 2012

Alex has been invited to speak at a conference called New Work in Churches, organised by Church Care at Lambeth Palace on 31 October.

He will be sharing the platform with high profile figures, including Sir Michael Hopkins, Eric Parry and Sophia de Susa.

“The purpose of the day is to be inspired by new designs and to be challenged by architects working with churches so it will change the way we think about how we meet the need of our users and buildings” said David Knight, Senior Conservation Officer and organiser of this event.

Alex will be speaking on “Why new work”. It will be supported by the completed projects St. Peter’s, Peterchurch, St.Andrew’s, Bridge Sollars and St. Peter’s, Hereford. He will also make reference from his academic thesis called The Future of Hereford Churches, written while studying Conservation Architecture at The Architects Association, London.

This will be a very informative day and well worth attending by anyone who is interested in the role our churches can and could play in our communities.

For booking and other information please ring 020 7898 1874 or email